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Looking for an air manifold or air filter cover for your lawn mower?  Do you need to rebuild your lawn mower carburetor and need a new lower bowl?  How can you find used lawn mower parts?  Are there lawn mower junkyards where you can call up and tell them your model and year and they can use a parts locator to get you the part you need?  I ran into a situation with my Toro self propelled lawn mower where it started to smoke and with a loud bang proceeded to blow out a portion of the engine block.  Needless to say I needed a new engine.

Faced with the prospect of buying a new factory engine for the push mower - costing around $375 for the engine before labor costs, I turned to trying to find a used engine for my Toro but ran into a brick wall when I called several small engine repair shops.  All of them suggested I buy a new mower rather than try a used engine.  I guess they just did not want to do the work involved.  After looking at the parts diagram I figured that I could do the work if I could just find a used lawn mower parts store for an engine that would fit my mower deck.

There actually are a couple of used lawn mower parts stores on the internet.  Lawn Mower Boneyard also sells new lawn mower parts for all the major manufacturers.  A side note; you can only get parts shipped between November and June.  The owner says he is too busy from June 1 to October 31 to ship anything.  If you live near Mobile, Alabama you can stop in and check out the parts yourself and not have to worry about shipping.  They also offer small engine repair on site as well.

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